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inoCASE – stainless steel enclosures

ROLEC inoCASE – With extreme corrosion resistance and a smooth surface finish our new inoCASE stainless steel enclosures are shining.

inoCASE stainless steel enclosures are designed for demanding industrial applications. For example, in the food processing industry, medical applications, pharmaceuticals and process control industries the use of stainless steel is usually a requirement. The inoCASE range is manufactured in stainless steel to the standards 4310/A2 or 4404/A4. These high performance materials have a lasting and positive impact on the reliable function of the equipment.

Another important application is in areas near seawater, for example harbours, oil rigs and other offshore-installations. At these locations the high humidity and salinity quickly act to damage many materials. inoCASE enclosures on the other hand are characterised with high resistance to these conditions and will remain fully operational with a temperature range of -40 to +80 °C.

  • December 15, 2015

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LED Signal Tower KombiSIGN 40

More Visible

A signal tower must always be visible — even under extremely difficult conditions. The product‘s new OmniVIEW lens ensures that the KombiSIGN 40 can be clearly seen from all positions. Benefit from unmistakeable status warnings in all directions - without blind spots.

Greater Light Intensity

The new KombiSIGN 40 is very bright and intense. Even in daylight or other very bright ambient conditions, the signals are clearly identifiable at all times.

More Flexible

Two functions combined into one element. You retain flexibility and can decide for yourself which light effect fits your environment and application TwinLIGHT or TwinFLASH.
Even more flexibility through two design versions ClassicLOOK for a traditional appearance, the DesignLOOK for more modern, contemporary machine housings.


Thanks to the new intelligent Twin elements, you only need half as many part numbers. This means less shelf space and lower logistics costs.


The KombiSIGN 40 is designed for quick and fast mounting. The mechanics and connections are absolutely self-explanatory and all terminals are clearly labelled. Try it out for yourself — you will have the KombiSIGN 40 installed in less than 5 minutes.

More Economical

The TwinLIGHT and TwinFLASH provide two functions for the price of one. The simple installation also saves time and money.
KombiSIGN 40 cut costs on procurement, logistics, installation and in operation. As such KombiSIGN 40 is the most efficient and economical signaltower on the market.

Download file
KombiSIGN 40
  • December 9, 2015

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Submersible Transmitter ECL 8438

Due to its excellent price performance ratio and outstanding chemical resistance the new Submersible Transmitter ECL 8438 is suitable for a wide range of applications where reliable measurement of a fluid level is required over a considerable period of time.

Submersible Transmitter ECL 8438

Measuring ranges from 0 to 0.1 through to 0 to 25 bar are available. The amplifier electronics which incorporate Trafag’s in-house developed ASIC offer the best available technology and allows for the compensation of temperature-driven drift effects. The NLH accuracy of the Trafag ECL submersible transmitter is +/-0.2%. Alternatively the Trafag NAL submersible transmitter is available with +/-0.1% NLH accuracy.
The sensor’s slim body is made of stainless steel and can easily be inserted into a 1 inch wide guiding tube. The ceramic sensor cell is safeguarded by a protective cover at the end of the unit. PUR, PE or PTFE cable can be selected dependent upon the media. Vented cable enables the sensor to reference against atmospheric pressure (gauge or relative pressure reference). The output signal of 4-20mA has integrated overload protection. The Trafag ECL submersible transmitter is rated to IP68 and has EMC protection IEC61000 immunity against lightning strikes.

Thanks to its outstanding chemical resistance the Trafag ECL submersible transmitter is suitable for use in diesel tanks, drinking and waste-water applications, reservoirs, lakes and rivers for flood protection, pump controls, water power-plants, food and chemical industries.

  • November 26, 2015

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Implementation of the Environmental management system ISO 14001


According to the companies drive for sustained progress and improvement of services, we decided to implement the environmental management system ISO 14001. After a positive experience during the implementation of the ISO 9001 system, we put our trust again in the certification company TQV Adria which helped us with all the aspects during the implementation of both systems, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. Thanks to the tireless team within the company all the tasks were completerd in a record amount of time. Invested time, effort and financial resources invested in the preparation and implementation of the system have been confirmed by the certificate issued. With this certificate we have proved that the system is successfully implemented. Our customers, business partners and other market participants can be sure that the introduced system has been fully implemented and that it works well.

We decided to introduce the environmental management system into our company to show our customers, business partners and future customers that the company's business is regulated to the smallest detail and with the company Varga Electronik they receive a reliable and certified partner. Environmental management system according to ISO 14001 company proves the company's concern for the environment and its preservation for future generations.

  • November 19, 2015

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Efficient redundancy through MOSFET technology

Efficient redundancy through MOSFET technology

The new and extremely space-saving DIN rail MOSFET redundancy modules from PULS are now available for N+1 and 1+1 redundant systems. Available output voltages include: 12–18V for 2x20A and 2x40A redundancy and 24-56V for 2x20A redundancy.A unique feature of the YR40.245 module adds a Hot-Swappable connector which enables the power supply or redundancy module to be exchanged even during operation.

The PULS MOSFET redundancy modules are extremely energy efficient with only 1.7W no-load losses at nominal load and symmetrical current distribution in redundancy mode (max. 2.9W). A special emphasis has also been placed on a very low voltage drop between input and output, which lies between 49mV and 80mV for 1+1 redundancy operation and balanced input currents. The units deliver full power at ambient temperatures between -40°C and +60°C and they can be loaded at 160% of the peak current for up to 5 seconds. Redundant wiring on the output can be achieved by the simple addition of two cables due to the extra-large output terminals. Negative polarity input terminals are also included which makes traditional external distribution terminals obsolete.

With the addition of the YR product series, PULS now offers a wide selection of redundancy solutions to accompany its extensive power supply portfolio. Including a redundancy module in your system ensures safe and efficient decoupling while connecting power supplies in parallel provides symmetrical load distributions which can more than double your system’s lifetime expectancy.

  • November 17, 2015

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Compact Emergency-Stop Switch

Compact Emergency-Stop Switch

Very compact Emergency-Stop Switch for Ø 16,2 mm holes

  • Installation diameter of Ø 16,2 mm
  • Emergency-Stop function in accordance with DIN EN ISO 13850/DIN EN 60947-5-5
  • Flat connection 2,8x0,5 mm
  • With switch position indication
  • Foolproof
  • Protection level IP65/67
  • Can be illuminated
  • Possible configurations up to: 2 NO and 1 NC contacts

  • November 9, 2015

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Hydraulic punch drivers

Hydraulic punch drivers

icotek now offers a small-sized hand hydraulic punch driver without hose which allows quick and easy punching of rectangular, square or round holes. The holes fit exactly the cut-out dimensions of most icotek cable entry systems. When you have to punch several holes, this hand hydraulic punch driver is much faster than manual wrench-style punches.

Hand hydraulic punch driver

Due to its high hydraulic force the compact, lightweight hand hydraulic punch driver makes it easy to punch holes into mild steel, aluminium or plastics with a max. sheet thickness of 3 mm. The cylinder of the punch driver rotates 360° on 3 axles. Therefore, maximum flexibility even in hard-to-reach places is provided.

We offer 3 different punch driver sets:

  • Set BASIC, contains a hand hydraulic punch driver suitable for rectangular, square and round punches from icotek or other manufacturers
  • Set PRO 16-32, contains a hand hydraulic punch driver and a knockout die set for metric holes from M16 to M32
  • Set PRO 16-63, contains a hand hydraulic punch driver and a knockout die set for metric holes from M16 to M63

Knockout punches

icotek offers round knockout punches for metric cut-outs M16, M20, M25, M32, M40, M50 and M63. This self-centering knockout punches split slugs into 3 pieces for easy slug removal. The special cutting geometry of the punches reduces the cutting pressure and therefore the required effort.

Among the round punches icotek offers also rectangular and square punches and dies, for cut-out sizes of 10-, 16-, and 24- multi-pin industrial connectors as well as for cut-outs 46 x 46 mm and 46 x 112 mm. Additionally, centre punches are integrated within the die for exact drilling of mounting holes.

  • November 3, 2015

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New extra loud vocal elements with individual record/playback

New extra loud vocal elements with individual record/playback

The two new vocal elements types 154 and 190 developed by WERMA Signaltechnik give high volume output together with exceptionally good tone quality. Up to 110dB sound output is possible in both units meaning that the audible warning can be heard, even in the loudest of ambient noise environments

It is possible to record virtually any audible content – your own message/announcement, tunes or tones can be imported into the two units from either Mp3 or WAV formats. In this way the most specific instructions or announcements can be recorded and played back.

Simple to follow recording instructions

The vocal element is connected to a PC via USB and the software supplied with the unit – Vocal Element configurator – permits the simple transfer of audio files and the creation of playlists. Up to 15 playlists can be remotely controlled, alternatively up to 50 playlists in sequence. The configurator is compatible with all current Windows operating systems.

Volume level up to 110dB controlled externally

Both vocal elements can be controlled independently of other signal devices. The 190 unit can also be mounted in combination with LED beacons giving optimum security at for example access points where both an audible and optical warning of an exit/entrance can be given.. The innovative fixing bracket makes installation simple and straightforward. The 154 unit has 8 separate cable entry points to offer maximum flexibility in combination with LED beacons. The output volume can be controlled up to 110dB remotely.

Features at a glance:

  • 110 dB high output vocal element with excellent tone and sound quality
  • Plays customer-specific audio files (signal tones, music and spoken text)
  • Easy transfer of audio files and simple operation
  • Sound output level can be triggered externally
  • Creation of individual playlists and playback modes possible
  • October 29, 2015

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Miniature pressure transmitter NAE 8256

The new miniature pressure transmitter NAE 8256 is a unique solution on the basis of HEX19 combined with ship approvals offering an accuracy of up to ±0.3 % and extraordinary robustness and reliability.

Miniature pressure transmitter NAE 8256

Bubikon, September 2015 – The heart of the new pressure transmitter NAE 8256 is Trafag’s very robust and extraordinary stable thin-film-on-steel sensing element which remains accurate and reliable even under rough conditions due to the triple overpressure safety and the fully welded design. The electronics are based on the inhouse designed ASIC, an application specific microchip which achieves optimal temperature compensation and linearization of the measurement over the wide operating temperature range of -40 … 125°C.

The combination of the HEX19 and the ship approvals turns the NAE 8256 into a unique pressure transmitter and thus is the ideal choice for the ship building industry where constricted room prevail. The pressure transmitter NAE 8256 is suitable for various applications in ship building like engines and their auxiliary and supporting systems as well as hydraulic and cooling systems. The accuracy option of 0.3% is needed if a higher accuracy and/or temperature compensation and linearization of the measurement over the wide operating temperature range of -40 … 125°C is required.

The absolutely tight construction of the NAE 8256 above 100 bar combined with the wide operating temperature range are ideal preconditions for reliable operation under rough conditions. The pressure transmitter NAE 8256 is readily available with pressure ranges from 0 … 10 bar up to 0 … 600 bar. The output signal is 4 ... 20mA. The popular pressure connections as well as the electrical connections M12, DIN Industrial standard are available.

  • October 19, 2015

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Steca PF 166 and Steca PF 240: the most efficient energy-saving refrigerators

Steca PF 166 and Steca PF 240

Steca PF 240 and Steca PF 166, the most efficient energy-saving refrigerators for all DC applications

Steca PF refrigerators are the most efficient DC energy-saving refrigerators ever developed. They can be used as either a refrigerator or a freezer.

Steca PF 166 and Steca PF 240 are fully programmable. The inside temperature and each of the other configuration values can be set by the user. They are therefore perfectly suited for all DC applications including even the refrigeration of medicines in hospitals. The optimal electronic control and speed regulation of the compressor guarantees extremely efficient use of energy. This leads to significant cost reductions.

This product stands out for its user-friendliness, thanks to a large digital display with setting options, the highest standards of quality and reliability and a long service life. The refrigerator or freezer is easy to clean as it has a sealing plug on the bottom for draining water.

The Steca PF 240 can be used with a 70 W photovoltaic module in almost any climatic zone in the world.

  • October 12, 2015

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Implementation of the Quality Management System ISO 9001


With great pride and joy we bring you this news that on the 25th of September 2015 we brought the project of implementation of the Quality Management System 9001:2008 to an end. Thanks to the hard work of the entire company during the past 12 months and the consultant we were successful in the process of implementation of the ISO Quality Management System. Invested time, hard work and financial resources put in the preparation and implementation of the system resulted with the issuance of a certificate by TQV. With the certificate we proved that the system is successfully implemented. Our clients, business partners and other members of the market can now be assured da the implemented system works excellently

We decided to implement and use the Quality Management System in our work to show our customers, business partners, and future customers that all business processes in our company are regulated to the smallest details. Now, they all can be assured that by doing business with the company Varga Elektronik d.o.o. they get a reliable and certified partner. With the ISO Quality Management System the company proves that it is able to consistently provide products according to the customers requirements and all regulatory and legal requirements.

  • October 5, 2015

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Industrial contractors

Industrial contractors

RSC/RMC – The reliable industrial contactor

  • High performance, compact shape
  • Switching current up to 63 A (AC-3)
  • Extendable with auxiliary contact block and motor protection

The industrial contactors from the RSC series and the miniature RMC industrial contactors are reliable switching components for increased loads in industrial environments. Thanks to comprehensive accessories such as auxiliary contacts and motor protection units, they are suitable for versatile applications.

With installation widths of 45 mm at nominal currents of 30 A and 65 mm to 63 A (AC-3, motor load) the RSC series is very compact in comparison.

The RMC miniature contactors offer high performance with a compact shape. The switching capacity is impressive at 8.5 A / 4 kW (AC-3) with an installation width of 35 mm.

Download file
RSC/RMC – The reliable industrial contactor(PDF)
  • October 5, 2015

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MICO modules approvec for NEC Class 2

Murrelektronik's MICO protective modules for UL508A control cabinets are a proven solution for intelligent power distribution and efficient branch circuit’s protection. 8 different MICO modules are now NEC Class 2 approved, so you can efficiently design your power distribution scheme.

MICO modules approvec for NEC Class 2

Class 2 Circuits are circuits with limited energy and a maximum power of 100 VA. According to the NEC & UL definition, class 2 circuits limit the risk of electrical fires and electric shocks due to their limited energy. Therefore, according to UL508A standard (for control cabinets), any component used and attached devices on the branch circuit in a Class 2 circuit don’t require investigation.

So far, an individual NEC Class 2 approved power supply was used to create a class 2 circuit and it required a lot of space. This method wasn't cost effective and caused a lot of wiring and planning effort.

With Murrelektronik's MICO NEC Class 2 approved module, it is now possible to design NEC Class 2 circuits even faster, in a more compact and cost effective way. All you need is a standard power supply unit (that doesn't necessarily has to be NEC Class 2 approved) combined with MICO to design two, four or eight separate load circuits with limited energy in a simple way. By connecting several MICO modules with the integrated bridging system, the number of channels can be increased up to a total current of 40 A. Components attached to the MICO’s marked NEC Class 2 outputs devices no longer need UL-approval.

Switch-off, visual warning, storing errors

MICO's proven functions like channel-specific switch-off in case of overload, visual warning notice, storing errors and the cascading start of the current paths provide additional benefits and enable using a smaller power supply and limit the operators need to enter the control cabinet.

  • September 28, 2015

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EMC cable clamps

For process measurement and control equipment an increasingly higher level of protection against failure is required. EMI shielding and earthing is very important. The area where the cable shield is connected to the cabinet earth is a critical point. It is very important that the connection has a low resistance.

All icotek EMC cable clamps for shielding cable diameters from 1.5 to 29 mm have been tested utilising various frequency ranges and in all tests there was minimal leakage resistance. In large frequency fields, the cable clamps provide low resistance. Effective range is up to 1,000 MHz below 120 Ohms and 10 kHz to 100 MHz significant below 20 Ohms. icotek EMC cable clamps are proven to absorb electromagnetic interferences.

The EMC cable clamps offer a large contact area to the cable shield (see figure A). In comparison to conventional shielding brackets an up to 50% higher contact area can be achieved when using the SKL line (see figure B). The specified clamping range can be exceeded up to 10%.

SKL shield clamps are available in several mounting types like screwing them on metal plates or mounting them on DIN rails or bus bars. Properly sized and used in conjunction with cable ties, many EMC cable shielding products provide strain relief in accordance with EN 50262 / EN 62444.

If you need to install a larger amount of cables and they have to be shielded in a relatively small space, icotek offers EMC clamp assemblies RLF and RLFZ, an efficient EMI shielding solution for up to 12 cables.

You can configure your own customised clamp assembly for your application with our EMC Configurator. Individually choose your shield clamp sizes and positions according to your cable diameters.

As an alternative to our EMI shielding clamps we also offer classic spring loaded shielding brackets in various sizes and mounting types.

Cable assembly devices for cable entry frames / cable glands as well as earthing tapes which are a cost effective alternative to PE conductors round up our wide range of EMC cable shielding products.

With our icotek ProductFinder you can find the suitable EMC solution for your application.

  • September 21, 2015

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The C23 Full Inox Extreme series of inductive full-metal sensors – flat, rugged, efficient

The new C23 Full Inox series of flat, full-metal inductive sensors is ideal for applica-tions where the environment is harsh and space is scarce, but long operating distanc-es are still indispensable. Thanks to Contrinex ASIC technology, these miniature-sized sensors are highly accurate and include an IO-Link interface.

C23 Full Inox Extreme sensors offer the advantage of factor of 1 on steel and aluminium. Compared with similar sensors, they are distinguished not only by their IO-Link interface but also by better quality, a longer service life, greater resilience and, last but not least, by their excellent price-performance ratio.

With this sensor's embeddable all-metal housing in stainless steel, applications do not need to pull any punches. Shock, vibration or aggressive chemicals can do no harm to this extremely compact sensor, thanks to its stainless steel housing and Condet technology.

ASIC technology guarantees consistently long operating distances, quick installation and ex-cellent temperature compensation. In addition, it also contributes to vibration resistance, thus ensuring an exceptionally long service life for the sensor. The IO-Link interface offers the user various parameterization and diagnostic options. For example, it is possible to switch between NO and NC operation or to program an ON or OFF delay. Two drill holes ensure that C23 Full Inox sensors can be installed very easily from the front. Typical areas of applications for the fastest sensor in its class include grippers, clamping de-vices and gantry robots.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Extremely robust, small and slim stainless steel housing (20 x 32 x 8 mm³)
  • Factor 1 on steel and aluminium
  • Long operating distance: 7 mm
  • IO-Link
  • Enclosure rating IP68/69K
  • Embeddable
  • Connection via PUR cable or S8 connector
  • UL certified (USA + Canada)
  • September 7, 2015

  • by Admin

Motors – We Make Them Easy to Connect


Murrelektronik's new power connectors (M12, M15 and M23) make motors easy to connect. The M12 power connector is the most compact and powerful 5 pole M12 connector on the market. The new M15 power standard connection technology of the MQ15-X-Power connector enables extremely quick assembly. Murrelektronik's M23 connectors are an established standard solution to connect servo motors.

Perfect contacts, seal and media resistance are basic requirements to all connector types. The field of motor connections requires additional, special features. Wide connection cross sections, high performance in a very compact design and most important: an integrated anti-vibration locking mechanism that makes sure the connector is tight even with very strong vibrations. Murrelektronik offers power cables for different applications and motor types that meet these requirements.

Its very compact design makes the M12 Power connector ideal for linear drives, brushless DC or step motors. It has a capacity of up to 2 x 16 A at max. 63 V AC/DC. The Murrelektronik product range is comprised of cord sets with open ended wires, connection cables, flange connectors and adapters - which offers a vast number of installation options.

The MQ15 X is designed for quick connections with reverse polarity protection of asynchronous motors up to 7.5 kW. The connector offers three power contacts up to 16A, PE and two auxiliary contacts up to 10A. The quick connection technology ensures sealed connections in no time. The molded plugs make sure the connector is sealed, tamper-proof and prevents wiring errors. The program range is complemented by flange connectors with an M20 outer thread. These connectors are simply attached to terminal boxes with a screw connection.

With the M23-Drives range, Murrelektronik offers the most powerful 8 pole M23 connector on the market (with a reference ambient temperature of 40° C). With 28 A/ 630V per pin for the power contacts and 8 A/300V for the signal contacts, the connectors are suitable even for high performance drives and servo motors of the AC/DC range. A complete 360° shielding ensures very low interference emission. The M23 also features a high-quality locking mechanism that ensures permanently sealed connections with the hex thread and the suitable torque wrench. The coding arrow on the housing is a practical installation aid. A corrugated tube connection, high-quality, original Siemens cables and excellent seal even when exposed to oil in industrial applications are additional strong points of Murrelektronik's M23-Drives cordsets.

  • August 21, 2015

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ROLEC profiPLUS - agile support arm with a way pointing variability


Designed for universal applications in electrical engineering and industrial electronics, profiPLUS is compatible with all display/control panels from leading manufacturers. The ergonomic, stable ball joints form the turn and crucial point of the system.

These include right angle connectors, wall-, intermediate- and top joints, which build a solid connection between the carrying arm and if applicable a foot.

The cable routing is made "invisible" by special wrappings in all turn- and tilt couplings. The uncluttered and elegant appearance plays less a crucial role as the fact, that the cables are optimal protected from outside influences. The dimensions of all components are generously sized for the cables and connectors. This also simplifies the connection of the interfaces.

Thanks to a patent-pending solution for quick adjustment the carrying arm is not only very easy to move in the desired position to operate the system for control, it also locks with only one adjustment screw.

ProfiPLUS 70 offers more room for further control lines than the smaller profiPLUS 50 system. At the same time, the system's bearing strength increases significantly. In addition to the many advantages of profiPLUS 50, such as couplings with pre-mounted support profiles, continuous equipotential bondings, integrated cable protectors, and much more, an additional reducer adapter for connecting to the profiPLUS 50 system offers the possibility of connecting to the panels of leading manufacturers such as Siemens, B&R, CRE Rösler and Beckhoff.

Economic, compact and elegant designer suspension arm system for medium to heavy loads
Additional info:
Possible to connect control enclosures from leading manufacturers such as Siemens, Beckhoff, B&R, CRE Rösler and ROLEC.
The spacious cable routing offers an optimum connection with all interfaces, sufficient space is available for a range of cables and connectors.
Patented ROLEC solution for alignment of the complete system in a horizontal direction through a single set screw!Continuous equipotential bonding, DIN VDE 0113 / EN 60204-1 / IEC 204-1.
Kontinuirano ekvipotencijalno spajanje, DIN VDE 0113 / EN 60204-1 / IEC 204-1
All couplings are equipped with pre-fitted support profile as standard.
Integrated cable protection in all system parts.
Optional: Signal light adapters for joint and elbow
Die-cast aluminium alloy, powder coated RAL 7035 light grey
Optional: Special colours
Support profiles: Extruded aluminium profile, anodised silver, preformed fastening thread
Optional: Anodised special colours or powder coated
Covers: Plastic (POM), RAL 7015 anthracite grey
Bellows: PVC-P, RAL 7016 anthracite grey, temperature resistance: -30°C to +70°C
Chloroprene O-ring gasket (CR), temperature resistance: -30°C to +90°C
Cable routing:
Suitable for HDMI, patch cables, DVI, USB, cold-device plugs etc.
Ingress protection:
IP 54 / EN 60529
  • July 20, 2015

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Murrelektronik Emparro® 3~ Premium Power

Murrelektronik Emparro

Murrelektronik's Emparro family has a new member. The newly developed Emparro 3-phase power supplies for 24V applications are important components in quality power management systems. These units are not only extremely reliable but also extraordinarily efficient as a result of their integrated reserved power. However, they don't require much space in the cabinet. This is premium power from Murrelektronik!

Extremely Reliable

Reliable power supplies are an essential component to ensure maximum availability of machines and systems.  Therefore, reliability wasa high priority during development of these new 3-phase units. Their remarkably high MTBF value of about 1,000,000 hours shows this clearly. Achieving this MTBF is possible because of our high-quality components, the modern and slim circuit board design and the processor-controlled electronics. An integrated gas discharge valve protects the power supply from interfering pulses up to 6kV. Therefore, overvoltage coming from the mains, EMC interference (as caused by frequency converters) or contact bounces cannot cause any damage.

The up to 95% efficiency rating is another reason the Emparro 3-phase unit has such a long life span. The resulting power loss is very low which exposes the components to less thermal stress. The Emparro 3-phase efficiency rating is the same whether it is operating at full power or at any point along the load range including when it is operating at low capacity. This is an important benefit especially when compared to other power supplies.

Integrated Reserved Power

Emparro 3-phase power supply units have a special feature: they have reserved power integrated. They are designed in such a way that they can be operated with up to 20% overload in ambient temperatures of up to 45°C. The 5A models continuously supply 6A, 10A models 12A and 20A units 24A.

This offers two essential benefits. The first is that if additional loads have to be connected to a machine or a system, Emparro 3-phase offers the necessary reserve. The second is if the demand is close to the maximum of a power supply a larger power supply does not have to be used. Instead, the reserve can be used to meet the demand thus saving cabinet space and money that would have been spent on a larger power supply.

Emparro 3-phase also features 2 different boost functions: power boost and hyper boost. The Power Boost supplies 50% more power for up to 5 seconds while the Hyper Boost provides up to 400% more power for up to 20ms.

The Slimmest Power Supply Units on the Market

Emparro 3-phase power supplies are very compact: the 20A model fits in a 65mm wide housing. When compared to similar power supplies, this saves a lot of space in the cabinet.

The vibration resistant push-in terminals make installation tool free so connection maintenance becomes a thing of the past. While the integrated fuses help to reduce planning and wiring efforts.

Practical Features up to the Detail

Emparro 3-phase power supplies have many practical features up to the detail:

  • Continuous 2-phase operation
  • Parallel operation (Connect up to five Emparro 3-phase units to each other)
  • Alarm contact for over voltage, short circuit and temperature
  • Excellent EMC characteristics
  • LED indicators
  • Derating from 60°C
  • QR code for direct access to technical documentation

In the initial product launch, Emparro 3-phase will be available in 5, 10 and 20A models. By the end of the year, a 40A model will round out the product line.

  • June 20, 2015

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Comat - The motor controllers of the CMC series

The motor controllers


  • New, with even more performance: revised version with even higher output current of 16 A (CMC1) and/or 10 A (CMC15/16)
  • Equipped with a wear free and short-circuit protected solid state output
  • Safe control of inductive loads of utilisation category DC-13 up to 16 A
  • Adjustable start and breaking ramps
  • Increases the lifecycle of the entire system, prevent mechanical shocks and current peaks
  • Stepless speed control of DC motors via a 0 – 10 V- or 4 – 20 mA signal
  • Space saving: only 14 mm wide

The motor controllers of the CMC series enable a zero-wear actuation of brush DC motors or of DC-solenoid valves. Depending on the wiring, the CMC controls a motor in both rotational directions or two motors autonomously in one rotational direction.
Two potentiometers are used for separate adjustment of the start- and braking ramps. Heat is reliably dispersed via the 14 mm wide aluminium-housing according to DIN 43880. Several CMCs can be fitted to the DIN-rail in sequence without any problem.

The CMC15 and CMC16 analogue motor controllers permit stepless speed control of DC motors via a 0 – 10 V- or 4 – 20 mA signal. The starting ramp and the brake ramp are adjusted by the two integrated potentiometers or individually specified by the higher-level controller.

  • May 8, 2015

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Werma ClearSIGN compact

The complete Signal Tower Solution

The new ClearSIGN signal tower combines a slim unobtrusive design with cutting edge lighting technology and great functionality.

Signalling technology has moved significantly forward in a most logical manner. The homogenous light effect is particularly impressive and when a light is activated comes to life in a unique form. ClearSIGN uses purely LEDs which help create an unobtrusive minimalistic design with a high level of functionality. Using the latest electronic lighting controls, signal tower elements are illuminated to a previously unseen brightness and create a uniquely fl uid illumination effect.

If no status light is required, the signal tower stands elegantly in the background, appearing to be virtually invisible, melting perfectly into the background with its semi-transparent housing. Only when illuminated does the unique light effect burst into action.

A further feature is the exceptionally slim design which really does set it aside from other traditional signal tower designs.
ClearSIGN compact offers not only the proven 24V supply but for the fi rst time an IO Link version.

  • When inactive, the signal tower blends into the background
  • Clear signalisation using LEDs
  • Homogenous light picture
  • Optional powerful buzzer module - up to 85dB
  • Signal tower with integral MDC system (WIN)
  • The IO Link version offers many new applications

ClearSIGN compact with IO link

Maximised choice of colours.
Alongside the proven 24V power supply (see page 5) an IO Link version is available for the fi rst time which will considerably increase the application possibilities.
RGB LEDs allow a wide variety of colours to be selected for any tier of the tower giving the operator maximum flexibility in choice of light effect and colour.

The optical signal can be enhanced with an optional audible alarm.
Packed with smart intelligence
Using an IO Link will enable the device to be used for the first time as a level or temperature indicator. The signal tower fi lls up with light and changes colour when a critical level or condition is reached.
All functions are simple to program using the IO Link interface.

ClearSIGN modular 40

Maximum flexibility in an industrial design

The ClearSIGN 40 modular signal tower offers great fl exibility with up up to six optical and audible elements to choose from.
The bayonet locking mechanism makes the mechanical and electrical connection quick and easy and the modern innovative design blends perfectly with its environment.

  • Push-in technology makes the electrical connection quick and easy
  • Up to six elements can be mounted
  • Four light effects (permanent, blink, fl ash and EVS) combined in one single element
  • Up to seven colours available (multicolour)
  • Siren output up to 90 dB with 8 tones (2 externally triggerable)
  • Large range of mounting accessories

When not activated the signal tower sits quietly in the background.
Once illuminated it gives off a unique and bright light together with a loud and clear siren.

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Icotek KEL-E i MT

Icotek KEL E i MT

KEL 16-E

Product description
The cable entry frame KEL 16-E offers a larger frame size for routeing a greater amount of cables, pipes or conduits.

The KEL 16-E series are KEL frames extended with an additional middle frame for routeing additional cables. Thus allowing a quick, easy and cost effective routeing solution for up to 48 cables.


  • Protection class IP54
  • Warranty of pre-terminated cables remains
  • Retrofitting and maintenance can be carried out easily and quickly High packing density, wide variety of frames and inserts
  • Strain relief according to EN 50262 / 62444
  • Vibration-proof
  • KEL also available with V2A screws
  • KEL on request also available with threaded bushings


  • KT Cable inserts
  • KEL-EMC Cable collector


Product description
The cable entry frame KEL 16-MT provides additional cable routeing possibilities.

The KEL 16-MT series are KEL frames extended with an additional middle frame for routeing additional cables. Thus allowing the quick, easy and cost effective routeing solution for up to 64 cables.

KEL 16-2MT

Product description

The KEL 16-2MT is our largest KEL 16 frame providing the ability to route and seal up to 96 cables.

The cable entry frames KEL 16-2MT series are KEL frames extended with two additional middle frames for routeing additional cables. Thus allowing the quick, easy and cost effective routeing solution for up to 96 cables.

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Murrelektronik Xtreme series - Extreme Conditions. Easy Installations.

murr xtreme

Parched fields with swirling dust. Icy streets treated with salt. Wet soil where harvesters fight the mud and dirt. All are demanding environments where heavy equipment has to deal with a variety of conditions.

Products used in mobile applications are exposed to wide temperature fluctuations and UV light. They are pelted by dust, treated with high pressure water (IP66K) and cleaners (IP69K) and sometimes they are even immersed (IP68). They have to withstand vibration and oils. In short, they have to meet the most extreme requirements.

To this point, single wire connections have been used in the construction of heavy equipment. This means many individual parts (cables, cable ties, ferrule ends) have to be connected by hand, big cable ducts are required and keeping it all tightly sealed is a permanent problem.

To solve these problems, we offer modular, pluggable solutions (the XTREME series) for mobile applications that are similar to those used in machine building. We know that by using pre-wired connection cables and distribution boxes, you can save a lot of installation time.

The XTREME Family is made up of:
M12 XTREME – rugged connection cables. All metal parts on these connectors are made of corrosion resistant stainless steel. The hex nut works with our torque wrench so you can ensure correct connections. An axial and radial locking mechanism, along with an innovatively shaped gasket, ensures stable connections even with vibration. The rugged PUR cable jacket is flexible and wear-resistant. The black material is resistant to UV light.

MSUD XTREME – the valve connector for extremely demanding conditions. The valve plugs are completely molded and absolutely sealed. The silicon gasket doesn't get brittle and it is fixed in a way that it cannot get lost. The screw is made of stainless steel. The jacket material is PUR. The valve plugs are equipped with an LED status display. The valve connectors include integrated suppression components.

MVP XTREME – the impact-resistant and fully potted distribution box. The plastic housing is resistant to UV light. The threaded connections are made of stainless steel. Ultra bright LEDs make it easy to recognize the operating state. MVP XTREME has eight M12 ports that can transfer either one or two signals. The molded PUR homerun cables are suitable for C-track applications and available in lengths from 3 to 30 meters.

Typical examples of mobile applications:

  • Agricultural Machinery (tractors, combine harvesters)
  • Forestry Machines
  • Construction Machinery (road and tunnel construction)
  • Street Cleaners, Garbage Trucks
  • Industrial Trucks (forklift and pallet trucks)
  • Cranes (stationary and mobile installations)
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Rolec inoCASE

ROLEC has a proud history as a market leader in the design and development of new concepts in enclosures, command enclosures and suspension systems. The company founders Friedhelm and Matthias Rose are pioneers in enclosures technology. Providing our customers with fully matured designs of the highest quality and value is our prime objective.

Today ROLEC manufactures an extensive range of modern high performance enclosures typically rated from IP 66 to IP 67. The range includes die cast and extruded aluminium enclosures, GRP polyester enclosures and ABS or polycarbonate plastic enclosures.

Naturally top products have to go together with top customer service. This includes the human factor - meaning a friendly environment - and first class service. The ready for installation customising of enclosures and command enclosures is our specialty: Be it drilling, milling, laser processing, engraving, powder coating, painting, printing, electrolytic polishing, hard-facing, the supply of face plates or membrane keyboards - ROLEC offers its customers fully finished enclosures ready for mounting the equipment.

Ingress protection:
IP 66 EN 60529
IP 67 optional
Dimensiones of inoCASE
4301 / A2 + 4404 / A4
Stainless steel:
18 Versions
Dimensions L x W x H: 140 x 110 x 60 mm
up to 430 x 300 x 120 mm
Dimensions inoCASEmini
4301 / A2 + 4404 / A4
Stainless steel:
6 Versions
Dimensions L x W x H: 100 x 70 x 50 mm
up to 200 x 90 x 60 mm
More information:
  • ROLEC inoCASE + inoCASEmini – Trend setting enclosures made of stainless steel V2A + V4A.
  • V2A: Space-saving single-channel lid and assembly fastening, outside the enclosure interior.
  • V4A: Assembly with separate fastening channels.
  • 4301/A2 is the world‘s most commonly used rustproof stainless steel material. Internationally, this quality predominantly bears the designation "304", the material used in the standard version of the new ROLEC inoCASE enclosure.
  • 4404 / A4 internationally customarily designated "316L", is even more resilient. This alloy contains molybdenum for the further enhancement of corrosion resistance, in particular to chloride and seawater.
  • Schutzart IP 66, optional IP 67
  • inoCASE A2/A4 enclosures obtain an aesthetically pleasing, high gloss surface that is even more resistant to corrosion due to alternative "electropolishing".
Enclosures V2A
Stainless sheet steel, edged and welded
Alloy 1.4301 (AISI 304) V2A, sheet thickness 1.25mm
Enclosures V4A
Stainless sheet steel, edged and welded
Alloy 1.4404 (AISI 316L) V4A, sheet thickness 1.25mm
Stainless steel (V4A), captive, allen screw
Temperature range
- 40°C up to + 80°C
V2A: Space-saving single-channel lid and assembly fastening.
V4A: Assembly with separate fastening channels.
Ingress protection
IP 66 / EN 60529, optional IP 67
inoCASEmini V2A:
Fastening thread M4 in the enclosure bottom
Earthing bolt M4 in the lid
inoCASE V2A/V4A/inoCASEminiV4A:
Fastening thread M5 in the enclosure bottom
Earthing bolt M5 in the lid
Silicone flat gasket
Polished, grain: 320
Optional electropolished, special coating
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Puls PIANO - Reliable DIN-Rail Power Supplies for Mid-Market Applications

puls piano

We now extend our product range to new market segments. Applying new concepts from design to manufacturing, the PIANO series offers reliability, service life-time and efficiency figures usually available only in more expensive products.

The Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) figures of the PIANO-Series are as high as 1.5 million hours and the minimum service life-time is typically 40,000 hours. Efficiency figures vary, depending on the version, from 90.5% up to 94.5%. The 240W version consumes a width of only 49mm on the DIN-Rail, therefore it offers the same size benefit as the newest and most costly products from other vendors.

Robust even for demanding applications, these purely convection cooled units can operate from -10°C (some units even from -25°C) up to +70°C. Power derating is typically only required above +55°C. The PIANO series is easy to use because it clicks smoothly onto any standard DIN-Rail and includes large-sized terminals which makes wiring simple and effortless. Furthermore, the PIANO series also offers a DC-OK signal that can be used to monitor the unit’s output voltage.

Additional cost saving is possible in applications where global use is not needed and a nominal input voltage of 200-240V is sufficient. By eliminating the burden associated with a universal input range, products optimized for the high range provide a much better cost vs. performance position.

Currently available are 24V/5A and 24V/10A models for input voltages from 200-240V. Additional products suitable for all global input voltages from 100V-240V will be available in Q2/2015.
The new PIANO series allows users to save on costs without compromising on the benefits of a reliable, efficient and easy-to-use power supply.

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Shortron – Small and Effficient


With the unique and compact Design – Concept the Shortron series SCHLEGEL sets new frontiers. The whole series is manufactured in order to provide as shortrer switches as possible. The switches are only 2 mm high with the working distance of 2,3 mm with extreme small dimension for built in from 9 do max. 16 mm.

Functionality and design of the new series is oriented to industries which are concerned and are leaning to creative design of their control panels. Additional possibilities with the design are possible by using different rings which are available in different colors.

Wide repertoar of functions in this series is covered with the standard push buttons (illuminated and not), atractive switches (with 2 or 3 switch positions, also illuminated or not), key switches (2 or 3 switch positions) and up to emergency buttons, acoustic and light signalization.

SCHLEGEL offers in this series special kind of push buttons – tactile buttons, capacitive buttons and piezzo buttons which are vandalism proof.

Other special offers:

  • Ring lights and laser inscription
  • IP protection: front side IP69K, back side IP69K as option
  • Possible combinations with USB interface

Area of use:

  • Machine building
  • Food industry
  • Medical technology
  • Sterile rooms
  • Pharmaceutical industry, etc.
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10th anniversary of the establishment of the company

10th anniversary

This year marks the 10th anniversary of the establishment of the company and its successful business operation in domestic and foreign markets. The company Varga Elektronik do.o. was established in February 2005 with the aim of providing quality products - both in production and sales. On the Croatian market we have offered top quality industrial electronics from major European manufacturers. Experienced staff and their commitment to bussines over the past 10 years had outstanding results in the midst of the economic crisis that hit Europe and the whole world. Emphasis on quality and highly educated workers has contributed to the current strength of the company that seeks continuous improvement. Our dedicated and quality work has been recognized in the most demanding markets throughout Europe and we are proud to continue to develop, construct, manufacture machines and service facilities throughout Europe.

With constant work and investment in knowledge and quality we are preparing for the future and for the next 10 years of successful business.

During the month of February to honor the occasion of our 10th anniversary of operations we will give a 10% discount to all our existing and new customers an all items.

Your Varga Elektronik team

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Contrinex photoelectric distance sensors

With the new C23 and C55 series, Contrinex not only meets the demand for photoelectric sensors for ultra-precise distance measurement, but also for the measurement of very large distances. The cubic C23 sensors use triangulation to measure distances up to 200 mm with extreme precision. The C55 Series uses the time-of-flight (TOF) method for highly reliable measurement of large distances from 100 mm to 5000 mm.

C23 – precise measurement in miniature cubic housing

Measuring just 20 x 34 x 12 mm, the very small size and IP69K protection rating of the C23 housing make this sensor suitable for numerous and varied applications. Typical among these is the area of roll control. Here, C23 distance sensors measure the thickness of material on a roll for control purposes and end-of-roll detection. The analog range can be adjusted to set the 1 to 10 V analog output to the minimum and maximum thickness of the roll. Contrinex C23 photoelectric distance sensors are available for two basic measurement ranges: 20…80 mm and 30…200 mm.

C55 – measurement of large distances with time-of-flight technology

Time-of-flight (TOF) technology calculates distance by measuring the time light takes to travel from the sensor to the target and back to the sensor. Thanks to this technology, compact C55 distance measuring sensors offer long detection ranges with excellent precision. The same TOF technology is used for a long range background suppression type with 2 independently settable outputs.

A possible application for C55 distance sensors can be found in forklifts for warehouse logistics. Here they check for the presence of boxes on warehouse shelves and determine if sufficient space is available on the shelf for the next box.

Common features

Measurement with C23 and C55 distance sensors is largely independent of color and surface texture. Results are characterized by high accuracy and repeatability. In both types of sensors, the measurements are transmitted through an adjustable analog output. The sensors also offer a second output for a switching window, which is defined by teach-in.

The sensor housings have an IP69K enclosure rating. In addition, the C55 is Ecolab certified and therefore suitable for the food industry.

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