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  • December 10, 2018

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Trafag revolutionises the measuring of highly dynamic pressure curves


Trafag has succeeded in unifying the highly dynamic response behavior of a test bench sensor and the extreme robustness of a mobile hydraulic pressure transmitter by combining thin-film-on-steel measuring cells and an ASIC developed in-house. The Trafag ASIC TX with an innovative parallel mixed-signal structure is the key to a response behavior at nearly unlimited speed.

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  • December 4, 2018

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New compact DC/DC converters with high efficiency

In the DIMENSION CD series, PULS offers efficient and robust DC/DC converters for DIN rail mounting with a power range of 92 to 240W.

The key features of the devices are high immunity to transients and overvoltages, and backfeeding loads. This means the DC/DC converters actively contribute to increasing system availability. The latest additions to this product series are the CD10.241 (input: 24V; output: 24V / 10A) and the CD10.482 (input: 48V; output: 48V / 5A).

Both devices offer a high level of efficiency. At 94.2% (CD10.241) and 95.1% (CD10.482), the devices generate 30% fewer losses than the next closest competitor device. The low losses also facilitate the compact design with a width of just 42mm. The minimal size permits uncomplicated installation in decentralised on-site switchboxes and save valuable space on the DIN rail.
All DC/DC converters in the CD series deliver a potential-free, stabilised and galvanically isolated SELV / PELV output voltage and are suitable for a vast range of tasks in the system. For example, they can be used to generate a stabilised direct voltage in battery-operated applications.

Thanks to galvanic isolation they are also ideally suited for the installation of independent supply systems. This factor is of particular relevance for safety-critical applications such as maritime and railway applications or the processing industries.

The DC/DC converters in the CD series can also be used to freshen up the control voltage at the end of long cable runs. This means that voltage drops can be compensated and system availability increased. For the reliable starting of larger loads, there is an available power reserve of 20% up to a temperature of +45°C. If a continuously higher output power is required, multiple devices of the same type can also be connected in parallel.

  • November 21, 2018

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Industrial contractors


RSC/RMC – The reliable industrial contactor

  • High performance, compact shape
  • Switching current up to 63 A (AC-3)
  • Extendable with auxiliary contact block and motor protection

The industrial contactors from the RSC series and the miniature RMC industrial contactors are reliable switching components for increased loads in industrial environments. Thanks to comprehensive accessories such as auxiliary contacts and motor protection units, they are suitable for versatile applications.

With installation widths of 45 mm at nominal currents of 30 A and 65 mm to 63 A (AC-3, motor load) the RSC series is very compact in comparison.

The RMC miniature contactors offer high performance with a compact shape. The switching capacity is impressive at 8.5 A / 4 kW (AC-3) with an installation width of 35 mm.

Download file
RSC/RMC – The reliable industrial contactor(PDF)
  • November 9, 2018

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Best Practice: Cube67 in use at sortimat Handling Systems


Limited space in the cabinet and on the machine, a desire to shorten installation times and a goal to maximize system availability - these are the challenges the sortimat Handling Systems electrical engineers are facing when designing their systems. With Murrelektronik's Cube system they have found the appropriate installation concept for their handling machines. It’s modularity and flexibility during installation allows a system to be customized to meet a variety of requirements.

Sortimat, located in southern Germany, is a leading manufacturer of industrial handling machines for a range of different applications. They produce systems that pack, stack and palletize small parts like tubes or blister packs into bigger units. Because these systems work very precisely, quickly and reliably they are often used in medical technology applications. sortimat Handling Systems customers are either pharmaceutical companies or production line manufacturers that work specifically in the pharmaceutical industry. The handling systems are produced in series production, but additional customer-specific requirements have to be met.
To develop decentralized installation solutions, sortimat Handling Systems works hand in hand with Murrelektronik and ultimately decided to use a Cube system on their machines. For the cabinet, they chose the space saving Cube20 fieldbus module to use in combination with a Cube67 fieldbus system on the machine. This cutting edge installation allowed sortimat Handling Systems to replaced conventional single wire connections in their machines and take a big step forward in technology.
There were several deciding factors that made sortimat’s electrical engineers choose a Cube67 decentralized installation solution. The most important being limited space in and on the machines. Here Cube67 modules offer an advantage: the modules are multifunctional. The M8 or M12 ports can be configured as either inputs or outputs, depending on the installation requirements. This saves space and lowers costs especially when compared to an installation solution with two dedicated input and output modules. Also, by using a Cube67 valve module, valve clusters can be quickly integrated into the system, without requiring additional fieldbus connections. Plus, the single-cable-technology – Cube67 system cable transfers both data and power - reduces the space required in the cable ducts and simplifies installation.

The sortimat Handling Systems for trays and pallets are interchangeable with different gripping tools that have a short setup time during change out. Cube67's "Machine Option Management (MOM)" is a big plus in a situation like this becasue it makes sure the machine starts operating immediately after a tool change. "MOM" enables hardware and software configuration based on a standardized maximum configuration. While the system is operating, only those components that are activated are used for the specific application. This prevents unscheduled downtime. The comprehensive diagnostic options that are built into Cube67 via the control (indicator at the HMI) as well as in the field (LED at the affected port) allow for quick troubleshooting.
Another plus for using a Cube system is the wide variety of modules available. No matter the requirements, a Murrelektronik standard component can be easily found and a solution can be implemented. By using Cube solution from Murrelektronik, sortimat Handling Systems can respond to changing market requirements with a reliable, high quality product.

  • October 29, 2018

  • Varga Elektronik

Pressure compensation element for cable grommets


Pressure compensation element PCE to avoid water condensation in highly sealed enclosures. For use in cable grommets KT 12 in combination with cable entry frames KEL-ER or cable glands KVT-ER.
Air flow: ΔP = 70 mbar, min. 50 l/h

  • Material: Polyamide
  • Flame class: UL94-V0, self-extinguishing
  • Temperature (°C): -40 - 120 °C
  • Properties: Halogen free, Silicone free
  • October 16, 2018

  • Varga Elektronik

Small photoelectric M18 sensors with IO-Link; Reflex, through-beam and diffuse sensors with or without background suppression


Many of today’s industries and applications rely on photoelectric sensor technology. Contactless operation and long sensing ranges are ideal for numerous automation tasks, including in the packaging industry. With an integral IO-Link interface, Contrinex sensors bridge the gap between production machines and the digital world for the future industrial Internet of Things (IoT).

Small, flexible and easy to integrate into different machine environments: all these requirements are met by the new photoelectric sensors of Contrinex’s short M18 series. This includes reflex, through-beam and diffuse sensors with or without background suppression. The small plastic housings with M18 diameter are only 33 mm long in the cable version or 37 mm in the connector type. Sensors are embeddable and easy to install even in confined spaces. Background suppression types feature a pinpoint LED and specially adapted optics, ensuring excellent characteristics. All types offer a large sensing range and are protected against crosstalk.

Ready for industrial IoT and one-piece batches

In order to meet the requirements of modern systems, PNP sensors are equipped with IO-Link as standard. This means that a wide range of sensor functions can be controlled or adjusted remotely. Functions range from data monitoring and diagnostics (e.g. wire breakage, undervoltage, receiver interference, installation of the wrong sensor) to remote sensitivity adjustment or teach-in. Remote configuration is also possible for detection counting, sensor temperature measurement, switching timer (delay or stretch) and many other features. Due to this flexibility, M18 sensors are ideally equipped for the industrial Internet of Things and the automation of one-piece batches.

Download product datasheets:
Diffuse: LTR-M18PA-PM
Reflex: LRR-M18PA-NM
Through-beam: LLR-M18PA-NM

Download 90 degree accessory datasheets:

  • October 5, 2018

  • Varga Elektronik

profiPLUS 50
smart-joints/adapter plates

Smallest mounting dimensions – also for attachment system profiles.

In order to connect the profiPLUS 50 to small assembly areas and machines in an optically elegant way, we have developed smart joints. Due to the smallest fastening dimensions it can be attached to the machine body directly. For attachment to engineering profiles e.g. from ITEM, Bosch or similar there is a small adapter plate that matches the shape of the joint.

For the adaptation of existing drilling patterns of competition, we offer a customized universal adapter plate with desired drilling pattern. So we can adapt any existing machine drilling.

For the adaptation of existing drilling patterns of competition, we offer a customized universal adapter plate with desired drilling pattern. So we can adapt any existing machine drilling.

  • Smallest mounting dimensions (from 33 x 44 mm)
  • Variable adapter plate available to accommodate any existing hole pattern
  • Perfect symbiosis of system components and adaptation to the mounting surface of your machine
  • rolec

    Direct mounting:
    The smart joints can be attached to the machine body directly.
    A minimal mounting surface is needed only!

    Attachment to machine construction profiles:
    For attaching the smart joints to mechanical engineering profiles e.g. from ITEM or Bosch you only need one of them matching adapter plates (marked red in the picture) for the attachment or wall joint.

    Übernahme vorhandener Bohrbilder:
    To adapt an existing (competitive) drilling pattern, a universal adapter plate is available for both joints, which we manufacture individually with the existing hole pattern of the customer for adapting existing drilling patterns to the machine.

    • September 24, 2018

    • Varga Elektronik

    EPLAN: Complete data package for 62 new PULS products


    The comprehensive data packages for 62 PULS DIN rail power supplies and supplementary units are now available in the EPLAN Data Portal. This allows you to easily import the standardized product data directly into your CAE project.
    The Data Portal gives you free access to PULS product master data in six languages along with realistic 3D macros and wiring options for creating circuit diagrams. You will also find construction drawings for assembling and product images.

    TIP: On the product detail pages of our website you will now find an EPLAN logo beneath the product images. Click on the logo to see the PULS product data directly in the EPLAN Data Portal – quick and easy.

    The data sets of 96 more products are currently being updated and will be available in full from mid-September 2018.

    With its optimized product data, PULS offers all EPLAN users a huge benefit in their project planning. The power supply data has a consistently high degree of detail. This makes the digital planning and realization of complex development projects by means of the EPLAN software solutions (eg. Electric P8) a lot easier. All PULS products can be transferred directly to the bill of material (BOM) in EPLAN.

    More information about the EPLAN Data Portal can be found here:

    • September 11, 2018

    • Varga Elektronik

    Explosion-protected signalling devices and extreme conditions

    Signalling even in adverse conditions

    Safety in gas, dust and vapour atmospheres and in adverse conditions

    Werma offers a wide range of explosion-protected signal transmitters: from Ex signal towers to visual and acoustic Ex signalling devices. Innovative and reliable Werma products can be used in areas at risk of gas as well as dust explosion (Zone 1 and 2, Zone 21 and 22). All Ex products were developed and designed in accordance with the latest standards and guidelines and have been tested and approved by accredited test institutes.
    Werma also offers a range of especially robust signalling devices that withstand even the most severe conditions and meet the highest demands.

    • August 31, 2018

    • Varga Elektronik

    Easy parameterization with smartphone app and SMI

    The Sensor Master Interface SMI is used to set parameters of electronic pressure switches such as switching points, output function and switching delay time as well as to adjust the measuring range of submersible pressure transmitters. By reading the device data, the connected pressure measurement device can be precisely identified and the parameters can be checked.

    The parameterization of Trafags electronic pressure switches NAT 8252, NAH 8254 as well as NAR 8258 can now be carried out easily and directly on site with the Sensor Master Interface and the corresponding smartphone app.

    Until now, electronic pressure switches with different device configurations had to be kept in stock. In addition, optimization during system development was quite complex. The Sensor Master Interface (SMI) and the associated Smartphone App Sensor Master Communicator (SMC) eliminate these circumstances: The electronic pressure switch to be configured is connected to the SMI. Afterwards, the parameters can be easily and conveniently adjusted using the SMC app when the Bluetooth connection on the smartphone is working.

    Trafag electronic pressure switches

    The parameters of the electronic pressure switches NAT 8252, NAH 8254 and NAR 8258 include switching outputs, the hysteresis and window function modes with the NC and NO options. A delay time can be defined for each switching output. A "Device ready" monitoring mode is available for the second switching output. In this mode, the output status changes as soon as the start-up phase is successfully completed. If an error occurs during operation of the electronic pressure switch, the output returns to idle mode.
    The electronic pressure switches are based on the proven device types NAT 8252 (0.5%), NAH 8254 (0.3%) and NAR 8258 (railway applications) and are available with 1 or 2 PNP switching outputs. A maximum switching current of 400 mA is permissible in the sum of both outputs over a temperature range of -40...+85°C. However, 200 mA are permissible over the entire temperature range (-40 to +125°C).
    These characteristics make the NAT 8252, NAH 8254 and NAR 8258 electronic pressure switches versatile devices in applications such as mechanical engineering, refrigeration, process engineering, hydraulics or even in rail vehicles.

    Data sheet H72618
    Flyer H70602
    Instruction H73618
    • August 20, 2018

    • Varga Elektronik

    Cube67 Diagnostics Gateway: Diagnostics Made Easy


    Murrelektronik's Cube fieldbus system offers extensive diagnostic options. A new diagnostics gateway makes access to this data even easier. This solution is easy to implement, provides clear information in case of failure and speeds up troubleshooting, resulting in maximum availability of machines and systems.

    The Cube system from Murrelektronik is a high-performance, decentralized fieldbus system that is used in many machines and systems. It has a modular structure and customized installation concepts can be realized with a large variety of input modules, output modules, mixed modules, and a wide range of function modules (e.g. IO-Link, RS 485, etc.). A one cable system transfers both communication data and supply voltages, whereby up to 32 modules can be connected to the four branches of each bus node. The major plus points of the Cube system are the one cable system, fully molded modules, multifunctional channels and comprehensive diagnostic options.
    Evaluation and use of diagnostic data were only possible with time-consuming programming. Very often, the same steps had to be completed for each new system, because different controls require different diagnostic concepts. So it has not been possible until today to reach maximum utilization of the diagnostic functions of various controls. The resulting problem: Errors could not be identified quickly enough, leading to long downtimes in the worst case. This costs time, money, and nerves.

    No more of that!
    The new Cube67 Diagnostics Gateway is a practical module that provides an easy and fast method to read diagnostic data from the Cube system and to make this data available to the user.
    Its robust design and the tried and tested fully molded modules make the Diagnostics Gateway suitable for use in rugged industrial conditions. It is integrated in the cable between the Cube fieldbus node and the (maximum) four branches. A standard Ethernet interface connects the Diagnostics Gateway to the communication level.

    Complete topology view
    When starting the Cube system, the Diagnostics Gateway reads the complete topology and also the entire process communication and all diagnostic messages. The module visually prepares this data and displays all information, independently of the control and without additional software, in each browser and, regardless of the platform, in the same way. Any user with access authorization to the communication network may access this data, for example via the HMI, a tablet or the locally installed computer in the control station.
    The arrangement of the modules is automatically displayed as a clear topology and in tabular form on the screen. There the complete process data is output, for example the switching states of the individual inputs and outputs. The system's diagnostic messages are displayed in the topology as well as in a clear tabular form.

    Module designations and error messages in plain text
    The tool provides a clear table for download in CSV format. This table contains an overview of the modules and components as well as of all inputs and outputs of the read installation solution. In this table, you can assign names to the components and maintain designations for all possible errors in plain text. This table will be imported again to allow the tool to access these names and designations.
    Thus the topology view and the table no longer provide the user with cryptic error messages but with clear information such as 'short circuit on the hydraulic unit' or 'wire break on the analog sensor of slot two of the transport unit.' This information helps find errors quickly!
    To enable fast elimination of the errors, you may also import instructions for precise solutions via the CSV file into the systematics, for example 'close valve' or 'replace cable'. In the ideal case, the article number of the replacement part has already been specified in the table. This speeds up troubleshooting.
    The log data of the Cube67 Diagnostics Gateway can be stored for dispatch or for statistical studies. This makes it possible, for example, to count the switching cycles of inputs and outputs and to use this information for structured maintenance at cyclic intervals. An exchange format allows the data to be used also for other systems and to be integrated directly in different applications such as ERP or cloud systems.
    Different fields of application
    Different process parties involved in the life cycle of machines and systems benefit from the Cube67 Diagnostics Gateway:

    • The start-up person who uses the Diagnostics Gateway to examine the topology and to detect weak points such as short circuits or topology errors (i.e. differences between the nominal and actual configuration) at an early stage. The module is also very useful for IO tests.
    • The service personnel of the machine or plant who, by integrating the Diagnostics Gateway, is able to identify and eliminate errors quickly, thus guaranteeing maximum machine availability. Permanent integration is also interesting in order to get remote access to the machine or system and to guide, for example, the electrician in the field.
    • The operator of a machine or system who incorporates the Diagnostics Gateway permanently in order to be able to react to potential problems in time. In the best case scenario, instructions for troubleshooting have already been implemented in the systematics allowing the installer to bring the required spare part right with them when they comes for repair.
    • August 9, 2018

    • Varga Elektronik

    Flexibility meets long distance; Rotatable C44 inductive sensors offer maximum mounting flexibility, long operating distances and IO-Link


    Swiss sensor specialist Contrinex has equipped its C44 inductive sensors with an IO-Link interface. These cubic devices with a rotatable head and IP68/IP69K protection rating offer extraordinary flexibility, long sensor life and IoT compatibility for a variety of applications.
    The rotatable head of C44 inductive sensors allows them to be turned in five directions, providing maximum flexibility during installation. Tool-free mounting minimizes installation time and four LEDs indicate operating status. Connection is through an integral M12 connector.
    An extended operating temperature of -25 °C to +85 °C (-13 °F to +185 °F) and IP68/IP69K protection rating ensure reliable switching, even in harsh environments. Thanks to operating distances up to 40 mm, mechanical damage can be practically eliminated. The C44 is not only ideal for use in the automotive industry and conveyor systems, but also for outdoor applications such as port facilities or fairground rides.
    Moreover, C44 sensors are IO-Link-enabled as standard at no extra cost. The user decides whether to operate them in conventional or IO-Link mode. Since sensor and wiring remain identical in both cases, no additional costs are incurred for stock-keeping or validation.

      Advantages at a glance:
    • Long operating distance up to 40 mm
    • Highly flexible, reliable and economical
    • Rotatable sensing face, mountable in five directions
    • Fast, tool-free mounting
    • Suitable for harsh environments and temperatures from -25 °C to +85 °C (-13 °F to +185 °F)
    • Long life, especially in applications with temperature fluctuations and vibrations
    • High switching frequencies, reliable switching
    • Changeover outputs
    • 4 LED indicators
    • IO-Link interface

    • July 30, 2018

    • Varga Elektronik

    Service box for QT cable grommets

    Convenient - everything available right away!
    The QT ServiceBox is perfect for installations and service calls. It ensures your QT grommetsare readily available.
    Order No. 88005

    Content* :

    Cable grommets:

  • 210× QT for cables 1 - 15 mm
  • 10× QTB blank grommets
  • Cable entry components:

  • 5× KEL-QTA 50 A cable entry plates
  • 1× KEL-QTA 32 A cable entry plate
  • 1× KEL-QTA 24|2-DP 18 A cable entry plate
  • 1× KEL-QTA 10|1-DP 18 A cable entry plate
  • 1× KEL-QUICK 24|10 cable entry frame
  • 1× QVT 25 split cable gland
  • 1× QVT-CLICK 32 split cable gland
  • Accessories:

  • 1× Cable template
  • *Subject to alterations


  • Material: Elastomer
  • Colour: grey (similar RAL 7035)
  • Flame class: : UL94-V0, self-extinguishing
  • Temperature (°C) : -40 - +90 °C
  • Properties: Halogen free, Silicone free
    • July 18, 2018

    • Varga Elektronik

    CP10.241-M1: DIN rail power supply for medical technology

    The CP10.241-M1 is a 240W DIN rail power supply with 2MOPP safety approval for medical applications according to IEC 60601-1, 3rd edition.

    Safety first
    ✓ IEC 60601-1, 3rd Edition: Requirements for electrical safety of patients and operators.
    ✓ 2 MOPP (Means Of Patient Protection): A duplicate measure for patient protection.
    ✓ IEC 60601-1-2, 4th Edition: EMC tested for medical use.

    Fast and flexible installation
    Quick-connect spring-clamp terminals and flexible DIN rail mounting

    100% convection cooled
    Due to the high efficiency of 95.2% and the low power losses, less heat is generated in the system. This makes unreliable and noisy mechanical fans in the power supply unnecessary.

    Long lifetime
    The CP10.241-M1 is optimized for many years of use in technical medical devices. The minimum lifetime of the CP10.241-M1 is 13.7 years at AC 230V, full load and +40°C.
    • July 2, 2018

    • Varga Elektronik

    Switch to PROFINET Made Easy!

    Murrelektronik is the ideal partner to get your machines and plants ready for the future by switching over from PROFIBUS to PROFINET

    In modern production networks, machines and plants need to be connected to one another. Processes can be aligned down to the smallest detail to allow for high automation levels and short lead times. At the same time, our products enable network structures that often undergo frequent maintenance, due to new robots with frequent tool changes or add-ons during operation.
    These are a few reasons installation concepts based on PROFIBUS inevitably hit a wall. However, this can be resolved with with PROFINET. This established, proven and readily available technology enables effective and efficient installation concepts to be incorporated into complex machine networks.

    The benefits of PROFINET are obvious:
  • The number of subscribers for the entire network is unlimited (unlike PROFIBUS, which is limited to 126 subscribers). With a PROFINET configuration, one control unit alone can accommodate 256 subscribers.
  • PROFINET allows IT extensions to be easily integrated into the topology (which was not possible with PROFIBUS). Incorporating IT with PROFINET allows uncomplicated networking up to the office level.
  • For PROFIBUS, all data has the same priority; with PROFINET, on the other hand, important information such as alarms or diagnostic data can be prioritized and moved to the “priority lane.”
  • In PROFINET installations, addressing is done by simply allocating a name to the project (not via a DIP switch or a telegram like with PROFIBUS).
  • The topology becomes more flexible (not only linear configurations are allowed like in PROFIBUS). In PROFINET installations, the use of switches makes star, tree and ring configurations possible. This increases flexibility and reduces the wiring time and effort.
  • The PROFIBUS DP programs can be simply applied in PROFINET installations. The proven programs do not have to be rewritten and tested, this saves time and effort.
  • By switching over to PROFINET, you benefit from these additional features:

  • PROFINET/PROFIsafe makes it possible to integrate safety components into installation concepts to protect both man and machine, and yet still enable efficient operation despite the highest safety levels.
  • PROFINET/PROFIenergy supports energy management in production facilities. It controls energy consumption when certain systems are not being used for production, whether for scheduled and unscheduled downtimes.
  • Murrelektronik is the right partner for PROFINET installations

    Murrelektronik offers powerful devices for first-class PROFINET networks that accommodate plug & play concepts. The IODD On-Board technology also makes it particularly easy and convenient to integrate IO-Link devices.
    Not only that, the Cube system makes it easy to switch over to PROFINET. Its compact and modular installation is distinctly flexible and has a large variety of modules on the sensor/actuator level which makes it easy to switch out the bus nodes. That's all it takes to integrate the topology into the PROFINET system. It couldn’t be easier! The entire installation below the bus nodes remains unchanged.

    SOLID67, a compact and lightweight fieldbus module, can switch over to PROFINET instantly because it is a multi-protocol module. It is equipped with the newest PROFINET version 2.3. The modules make eight IO-Link ports available in directly on the machine, and also make it easy to integrate traditional IOs into the system.

    One feature of the Impact67 fieldbus module is its flexibility: the ports are designed with adjustable parameters. Depending on what the demand is, the ports can be used as inputs or outputs. The same port can even be used as an IO-Link master. And of course, the modules offer the maximum PROFINET performance and functions of version 2.3.

    A further advantage of the compact MVK Metal fieldbus module is that its robust design makes it perfectly suitable for the roughest industrial environments. Many customers like to use them in applications where they are exposed to welding sparks. The modules feature all PROFINET functions and offer maximum network load reliability (Netload Test Class III). The MVK Metal Safety module supports safe and reliable inputs and outputs up to a safety level of SIL 3 or PL e. In addition, the inputs and outputs support real-time applications because they correspond to Conformance Class C.
    In time-critical applications, such as tool changers, the fast startup functionality on our Impact67 and MVK Metal modules has proven to be very useful because it can restart production within a very short period of time.

    To connect PROFINET subscribers, Murrelektronik offers powerful PROFINET switches, both for the control cabinet as well as the field. Pre-wired cordsets tested and engineered to our highest standards complete our product portfolio. When it comes to single wire cross-sections and shielding, the cables and connectors meet the PROFINET wiring guidelines and make reliable data transmission possible – they are the life line of each and every PROFINET installation.

    • June 19, 2018

    • Varga Elektronik

    Signalling under hygienic conditions

    Cleanroom and food industry

    Hygienic Design

    A hygienic design refers to the design of machinery and components that are easy to clean and maintain in a hygienic condition for use in areas where hygiene is a priority. The aim is to prevent design deficiencies that promote hygiene-related hazards or the risk of infection.

    The CleanSIGN signal tower was specially developed and constructed by WERMA for use in cleanrooms, the food industry and areas with strict hygiene requirements.

  • Takes into account EHEDG (European Hygienic Engineering and Design Group)Document 8 and 13, Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC
  • Meets air purity class 2 in accordance with DIN EN ISO 14644-1 for clean rooms
  • CleanSIGN - Pre-assembled Signal Tower
    Your benefits

    The CleanSIGN signal tower has been specifi cally developed and certified for use in clean rooms, food and hygiene areas as well as the pharmaceutical industry. The signal tower ensures maximum safety in thess environments by reducing the risk of contamination.

    • Reliable signalling even in clean rooms
    • Easy-to-clean, hygienic design for optimal cleaning and disinfection
    • Ensures food safety through the absence of uneven surfaces, elevated or countersunk elements where dirt can accumulate
    • Use of food safe materials and resistant to cleaning agents (FDA approved)
    • Application-specifi c selection of colours and light effects for maximum flexibility
    Typical applications
    Fault signalling
    • in clean rooms, e.g. semiconductor and solar industries
    • in the food and beverage industry
    • in pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries
    Installation options
    • Base mounting
    • Ceiling mounting
    • Wall mounting
    • EHEDG and Fraunhofer IPA approval
    • Bracket mounting fulfi lls Air Cleanliness Class 1 for Cleanroom applications in accordance with DIN EN ISO 14644-1
    • Base or Ceiling mounting fulfi lls Air Cleanliness Class 1
    • Electronic modularity of the individual tiers (colour and light effects individually adjustable/can be externally triggered)

    • June 8, 2018

    • Varga Elektronik

    Long-range photoelectric sensor counts shrink-wrapped carton packs


    During high-volume confectionery packaging operations, conveyors deliver stacked cartons to shrink-wrapping stations. At each station, a wrapping machine encloses a stack in heat-shrink film and an infrared oven shrinks the film to form a sealed pack of cartons. A long-distance through-beam photoelectric sensor, mounted beside the conveyor, senses the presence of each pack as it leaves the oven and signals a plant-wide control system to increment the production throughput totals.

    Customer Values
    • Reliable long-range item counting on a non-contact basis
    • Improved data accuracy arising from real-time, error-free pack detection
    • Increased productivity as stability alarm flags preventative-maintenance needs
    • Single sensor accommodates a range of carton sizes without repositioning
    Specific Product Advantages
    • Maximum sensing range of 30,000mm with integral alignment aid
    • IO-Link connectivity available at no extra cost on PNP versions
    • Dual output with stability alarm
    • Versatile, purpose-designed mounting brackets for ease of installation
    Customer Application

    In factories producing fast-moving consumer goods, automated packaging operations are the norm. Confectionery products are no exception; in high-volume production, manufacturers pack sealed bags of candy in cardboard cartons, which are in turn stacked for shrink- wrapping and palletization.
    Packed cartons arrive for shrink-wrapping in uniform stacks. A wrapping machine encloses each stack in a tube of heavy-duty heat-shrink film; the stack then passes through an infrared oven, where the film shrinks, forming a sealed pack of cartons. After heat-shrinking, packs are conveyed to the consolidation area for palletization.
    Factory operators need to monitor production throughput for each packaging line. Manual counting methods are impractical and expensive. A highly reliable non-contact sensor system is needed to detect the presence of each pack as it leaves the shrink-wrapping area and to update the item count held on a plant-wide control system. Long-distance operation is desirable, as not all packaging lines are easily accessible.

    Customer Solution

    Miniature through-beam photoelectric sensors from the Contrinex C23 range are ideal for this application. These dual-unit sensors, available with an optional alignment aid, have a maximum sensing range of 30,000mm. Each sensor comprises a separate transmitter and receiver, each mounted in a 20mm x 30mm x 10mm miniature plastic housing; connection to the control system is via a PVC-sheathed cable with the choice of an integral M12 connector or a hermetically sealed entry.
    Immediately after each oven, a sensor is mounted with the transmitter and receiver on opposite sides of the conveyor. Depending on the space available around the oven, either unit may be located some distance away from the track. The integral alignment aid ensures rapid, accurate set-up, even at extremes of operating range, while custom-designed mounting brackets allow optimal sensor positioning in almost any situation.

    As each carton breaks the light beam, the sensor detects its presence and signals the control system to increment the item count. Industry-standard PNP or NPN 3 wire or 4-wire outputs support direct interfacing with modern industrial controls. A second output provides a stability alarm in the event of reduced sensitivity, flagging the need for preventative maintenance before any performance degradation occurs.
    The C23 range detects fast-moving targets reliably; remote selection of switching frequency is possible via IO-Link, a standardized point-to-point serial connection protocol, available as standard at no extra cost for PNP versions.

    • May 16, 2018

    • Varga Elektronik

    Setting new standards: The split KVT-ER cable gland


    IP66/IP68 cable gland for cables with & without connectors

    Split cable gland KVT-ER sets new standards in connectorised cable routing

    By introducing the all-new split cable gland KVT-ER icotek is setting new standards in connectorised cable entry. The KVT-ER cable gland is a liquid and dust proof (IP66/IP68), rugged, easy-to-install and comparatively very cost-effective solution for routing, sealing and strain relief of cables with or without preassembled connectors.
    Cable routing, sealing & strain relief

    KVT-ER is a split cable gland for routing and sealing cables with connectors or complete cable harnesses. But also electric, pneumatic or hydraulic lines without terminals or connectors as well as corrugated conduits can be easily routed (e.g. into control panels, enclosures or machinery), sealed and strain relieved.

    High variability, perfect for retrofits & maintenance

    Up to 4 lines with diameters from 1 to 16 mm (using single-hole grommets KT 1 - 15) or one line from 16 to 35 mm (using grommets KT 16 - 34) can be routed and sealed with this cable gland. The maximum dimensions of the routed preassembled connectors depend on the metric cut-out sizes, not on the split cable grommets.
    Due to the consistently split system subsequent retrofitting, repairs and maintenance are easily possible. The cable gland is simply assembled around the routed lines. The KVT-ER sizes are based on metric standard cut-outs M32, M50 and M63. Hexagonal locknuts are included in the shipment. For assembly, it is recommended to tighten the cover lid screws with max. 2 N m. This creates the required contact pressure.

    High ingress protection ratings IP65, IP66, IP67 & IP68

    Due to the high contact pressure, the injected elastomer gasket and the use of KT single-hole cable grommets, the cable gland KVT-ER reaches protection ratings IP65 / IP66 / IP67 / IP68 (certified according to EN 60529).
    In addition to the high tightness, the cable gland KVT-ER enables strain relief on the routed cables according to EN 62444. NEMA TYPE 12 / 4X and c UR us certifications are currently in progress.

    Advantages & benefits
    • Certified protection class IP65/IP66/IP67/IP68 according to EN 60529
    • Very high strain relief according to EN 62444
    • Warranty of pre-terminated cables remains
    • Retrofits, repairs and maintenance can be done easily and quickly
    • High cable density
    • Suitable for metric cut-outs
    • Hexagonal nut included in the delivery
    • Very robust housing, vibration resistant
    • Modern design

    In order to achieve the certified protection ratings and still be able to offer the highest flexibility in cable diameters, single-hole cable grommets KT small and KT large can be used. Those cover a diameter range of 1 - 35 mm. Unused grommets can be sealed with ST plugs. The protection ratings are retained. For routing of e.g. D-Sub connectors icotek offers special KGM locknuts with specific cut-outs.
    A direct earthing of electromagnetic interferences at the point of entry (e.g. at the enclosure or machine wall) is possible by using the KVT-EMC shield clamp bracket. As a result, the cable gland size KVT-ER 32 is also a cost-effective alternative to expensive EMC cable glands.

    Technical specifications
  • Material: Frame: Polypropylene (PP),
  • Injected gasket: Elastomer
  • Flame class: UL94-V0 self-extinguishing
  • IP rating: IP65/IP66/IP67/IP68, if correctly assembled, with single grommets (certified acc. to EN 60529)
  • NEMA type rating: NEMA type 12 / 4X (in progress)
  • Temperature: - 30°C to + 110°C (static)
  • Properties: Halogen-free, silicone-free
  • Cut-out dimensions: M32 / M50 / M63
    • May 7, 2018

    • Varga Elektronik

    Power supply CP20.241: 24V, 20A


    With its efficiency of 95.6% and a width of only 48mm the CP20.241 sets the new benchmarks in the 480W class.

    • Outstanding peak efficiency of 95.6%
      Only 22.1W power losses @ AC 230V and full load
    • 20% power boost
      Output power reserves can be used continuously at temperatures up to +45°C
    • Efficient parallel use
      Integrated current sharing feature
    • Long lifetime
      >9 years @ AC 230V, full load and +40°C
    • Very compact design
      Width only 48mm
    • Wide operating temperature range
      -25°C to +70°C (Derating: 12W/° at >+60°C)
    • Various connection terminals
      Units with screw, spring-clamp or push-in terminals available

    Get more information about the CP20.241 .

    • April 28, 2018

    • Varga Elektronik

    Eco-Rail-2: Focus on the essentials


    Eco-Rail-2 power supply units offer manufacturers of machinery and control cabinets the possibility to supply power to their consumers flexibly and economically. These units provide basic functionality creating a solution with the optimum price-performance ratio for numerous applications.

    Demands on the power supply market are steadily increasing. Maximum efficiency and constant performance even at high temperatures are a must. Diagnostic and communication facilities are also increasingly in demand as the components are integrated into higher-level networks and become part of Industry 4.0 applications. Murrelektronik offers advanced high-performance solutions to meet these requirements.

    At the same time, "classic" applications still exist – without such increased requirements. In such applications, electrical engineer does not have to deal with exceptional ambient conditions and the power supply does not have to be integrated into a system. The essential requirement in such cases is a power supply solution that operates reliably, flexibly and economically.
    The Murrelektronik Eco-Rail-2 series power supplies are predestined for such applications. They easily meet all basic requirements for power supply systems and help to monitor the overall costs in the control cabinet.

    Five devices are available in the series in different current ratings from 1.3 to 20 A. The output voltage of the devices can be set from 23 to 28 V. This means that the required voltage can be supplied to the consumer regardless of the length of the power supply line. Connecting two power supply units in series allows the output voltage to be increased to 48 V.
    Eco-Rail-2 operates reliably in temperature ranges between 0 and 55°C and thus covers a wide range of application areas. The power supply unit can be easily mounted on the DIN rail without any tools. The screw terminals are attached to the front of the unit to facilitate quick and easy cable connection. UL approval enables worldwide use.
    Worthy of note is the "hold-up time" of the Eco-Rail-2 series switch-mode power supplies which is up to 130 milliseconds. This helps to bridge voltage drops at the input side.

    • April 18, 2018

    • Varga Elektronik

    Participation on the 21st. Spring international Bjelovar fair


    The exhibition space Gudovac held another Spring Fair, twenty-first in the order, on which on economic exhibitions almost five hundred exhibitors attended. The fair was held in co-organisation by Bjelovarsko-bilogorska county and the City of Bjelovar. Sponsor of the fair was the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Croatian.
    Our company also presented our products and the products of companies we represent on the fair this year. For the first time, at the fair, we presented our new device for industrial cleaning – Simpyl 1. We held a contest for all our visitors and divided prizes to our luckiest contestants.

    Below you can find few pictures of the fair.

    • April 12, 2018

    • Varga Elektronik

    RFID reader - complementary to the RONTRON-R-JUWEL control units


    • RFID technologies with 13.56 MHz
    • Data interface USB / RS232
    • Mounting diameter Ø 22.3 mm / Ø 30.5 mm
    • Electronic access control and access authorisation
    • Available in silver-coloured, black or stainless steel
    • Accesories
    • additional LED light ring for status indiction
    • RFID tag holder with LED status indication
    • April 9, 2018

    • Varga Elektronik

    Miniature Inductive Sensor Accurately Detects Position of High-Speed Spindle


    High-speed machining centers often feature automatic tool-changers that help maximize productivity. A Swiss drive-motor manufacturer uses sensor technology to detect the position of a machine’s main spindle before initiating the tool-change sequence. Contrinex miniature inductive sensors detect the position of a slotted centering-disc mounted on the motor shaft with exceptional repeatability and positional accuracy better than 0.01 mm.

    Customer Values
    • Highly accurate, repeatable sensing performance in demanding conditions
    • Embeddable miniature sensor with minimal effect on machine dynamics
    • Fit-and-forget operation with excellent resistance to shock and vibration
    • Affordable, highly reliable solution
    Specific Product Advantages
    • Lightweight, hermetically sealed miniature sensors
    • V2A/AISI 303 stainless-steel construction with vacuum-encapsulated electronics
    • Best-in-class 0.8mm sensing distance
    Customer Application

    Modern machining centers execute multiple metal-cutting operations at a single station, often deploying a separate tool for each operation. Time spent changing tools is non-productive, reducing efficiency and machine utilization. Automating tool-changes keeps lost time to a minimum but requires highly accurate positional measurement of the main spindle to prevent damage occurring.

    After completion of an operation, the main spindle of the machine comes to rest. Only after it reaches the null position – the point at which the tool disengages completely – is the tool-change sequence initiated. Reliable detection of the null position requires exceptional accuracy and repeatability in sensing the position of a shaft previously rotating at up to 14,000 rpm.
    A miniature sensor, capable of withstanding mechanical shock, high levels of vibration and an oily environment, must detect the position of a slotted centering-disc mounted on the drive-motor shaft. The required angular resolution translates to a positional accuracy of better than 0.01mm.

    Customer Solution

    Contrinex inductive sensors are designed for exceptional long-term reliability and repeatability in demanding environments, and lightweight sensors from the Miniature range are ideal for this application. Constructed from V2A/AISI 303 stainless steel with PPE sensing faces and hermetically sealed cable entries, these embeddable M5-diameter sensors take up minimal space.
    The centering disc is mounted in a rotary-encoder housing fitted to the drive-motor shaft. The 25mm-long sensor is embedded directly in the wall of the housing and the sensing distance of 0.8mm eliminates any risk of accidental collision with the disc. The sensors are configured with an industry-standard PNP normally-open interface, connected to the customer’s control system via a flexible, oil-resistant PUR sheathed cable.

    Vacuum-encapsulated electronics ensure excellent resistance to shock and vibration, and no additional electrical or mechanical protection is required. Fit-and-forget operation keeps maintenance requirements to a minimum, overcoming the mechanical fragility of alternative optical-sensing encoder technology.
    The sensor detects the position of the centering disc, reliably and repeatably, with an accuracy better than the required 0.01mm. Contrinex Miniature inductive sensors provide a highly effective and affordable solution.

    • March 29, 2018

    • Varga Elektronik


    EMC shield clamps for bus bar

    The range of EMC shield clamps PFS|SCL is designed for a quick and easy mounting by snapping onto 10x3 mm bus bars.
    The very slim shape is perfect for applications with limited space.

    • Extremely slim shape
    • Large contact area
    • Simple and tool-free mounting, easy assembly
    • The spring design requires no adjustments and will permanently maintain contact to the cable shield
    • Cost-effective solution
    • Shield clamp type: Single clamp
    • No. of shield clamps: 1
    • Material shield clamp: Spring steel, zinc plated
    • Material mounting foot: Spring steel, zinc plated
    • Mounting type: Snap-in
    • Mounting location: 10 x 3 mm bus bar

    Documents for download

    • March 21, 2018

    • Varga Elektronik

    New power supply CP5.241: 24V, 5A


    The 120W DIN rail power supply features an extra-long lifetime of more than 131,000 hours, an efficiency of 94.3% and a reduced size - width 32mm and depth only 102mm.

    Reliable, efficient and robust:

    • Extra-long lifetime: >131,000 hours (AC 230V, full load, +40°C)
    • These high values are achieved using an LLC resonant converter. This advanced converter topology is atypical for a 120W power supply, but very efficient.
    • High efficiency level of 94.3%
    • Only 7.3W power losses at AC 230V and full load
    • Space-saving design
    • Width x Height x Depth: 32 x 124 x 102mm
    • 20% power boost
    • Output power reserves can be used continuously at temperatures up to +45°C
    • Safety features
    • Safe HiccupPLUS overload mode and active Power Factor Correction (PFC)
    • Wide operating temperature range
    • -25°C to +70°C (Derating: 12W/° at >+60°C)

    Learn more about the new CP5.241.

    • March 12, 2018

    • Varga Elektronik

    Mico Pro: Current Monitoring Modularized to the Maximum Effect


    Mico Pro is the new and innovative current monitoring system from Murrelektronik. The modular system enables you to adapt systems precisely to suit specific applications – offering a favorable cost-benefit ratio while also being economical in their use of space. The patented tripping process assures optimum machine availability. An additional benefit: an integrated concept for potential distribution that significantly declutters the switch cabinet wiring.

    Power supply systems are the heart of machines and systems and provide the required energy. This is why they must not be shut down by overcurrents or short-circuits which result in machine downtime, production losses and high costs. Maximum reliability of the power supply systems is essential!
    Mico Pro from Murrelektronik guarantees reliable power supply systems. This intelligent current monitoring system from Murrelektronik monitors all load and control currents in a consistent manner and identifies critical moments at the right time. Mico Pro signals limit loads and switches defective channels off in a targeted manner to prevent total system crashes, and to assure a high level of machine availability. The tripping process has been patented, and applies the principle of “as late as possible, as early as necessary.” But Mico Pro also identifies “volatile” errors, such as a cable break in drag chains that only occurs at certain movement angles. Mico Pro identifies capacitive loads and starts them up in a controlled way.

    Modular design that saves space

    Mico Pro is a modular system for 12 and 24V DC operating voltages. The components can be selected for the particular application from numerous Mico Pro modules and connected without tools via a power module to form a closed system. You can select between modules with one, two, or four output channels. Their narrow width of 8, 12, or 24 millimeters enables significant savings in space. For example, a system with eight channels requires up to 65 percent less space than a system with circuit breakers. The more channels you use, the higher the percentage will be.
    On the Fix modules, the tripping currents (2, 4, 6, 8, 10, and 16 A) are fixed which makes them a tamper-proof solution. On the Flex modules, the tripping current can be adjusted at the touch of a button from 1 to 10 A or from 11 to 20 A. This increases flexibility (e.g. for machine and plant manufacturers with option management), while reducing the number of versions required. It is thus possible to configure a customized Mico Pro system for each application. The system assures flexibility at all times. If a single module needs to be replaced, for example due to the power requirement of a new machine component, this can be done without tools in a short time. This ensures an advantageous cost-benefit ratio.

    Significant simplification in switch cabinet wiring

    Mico Pro has an integrated potential distribution concept for +24 (or +12) and 0V that significantly simplifies switch cabinet wiring. There are connection options for +24V and 0V on each channel. External 0V terminals are now a thing of the past – the zero potential can now be connected directly by Mico Pro. This helps to declutter installations, significantly reduce the amount of wiring needed and save not only space in the switch cabinet but also costs. Additional potential distributors enable connection of up to 2 x 12 potentials to each Mico channel.

    Convenient handling

    The innovative bridging system, which is used to connect individual components to a closed system is easy to handle. To mount the system designed for a total current of up to 40A, you just have to trim two bars to the right length with standard side-cutting pliers and insert them in the provided fixtures from the front in one quick step. Signal contacting for diagnostic and control signals takes place via laterally integrated spring contacts. The individual cables can be wired without tools since all inputs and outputs of the system are provided with push-in spring clamp terminals. Thus, mounting can be done in very short time and no maintenance is required during operation. The front side of the Mico Pro is at no time hidden by cables or lines; the operator has a clear view of all markings, labels and the status of the LEDs.

    Diagnostics – on the module or via the controller

    Great importance is attached to the diagnostic functions of Mico Pro. Each channel is equipped with an LED for status indication on the device and digital status signals can be transferred to the controller. The Mico Pro power module provides group diagnostics for the entire system and the adjustable Flex modules offer channel-specific diagnostic signals.
    The status LED lights green as long as everything proceeds normally. Once a share of 90 percent of the preset or predefined tripping current has been reached, the LED flashes green to signal that the limit range ('90 percent early warning') has been reached. This may occur if additional consumers are connected, or the power consumption of already connected consumers increases, e.g. due to wear. When installing, the early warning may help to immediately identify incorrectly dimensioned current paths. Mico Pro triggers an additional digital status signal in such a case.
    If the tripping current is exceeded, Mico Pro immediately switches the concerned channel off in a targeted manner. The LED flashes red and in this case, too, a status signal is sent. The operator may reactivate the channel by pressing a button on the module or via a PLC signal. For maintenance purposes, channels may also be switched off manually. Then the LED is lit red permanently and remote switch-on option is deactivated.

    Mico Pro replaces the coupling plane

    A channel-specific switching function via a PLC signal allows the Flex modules to switch system components on and off without any additional contactors, relays, or optocouplers. This solution can be used to replace the coupling level. Not only short switching frequencies (of up to 10 Hz) but also longer frequencies can be realized, for example to switch certain machine areas to the standby mode during non-production times. In this case, the LED of the affected channel lights orange.
    Mico Pro can be cascaded. This means: on a Mico channel with a tripping current of more than 10 A, another Mico Pro station can be connected. If its channels are all provided with a tripping current of up to 10 A, full selectivity is guaranteed and the channels affected by short-circuits or overloads are still triggered accurately. The savings in money and installation work are considerable, especially in the case of applications with a decentralized switch cabinet concept as they do not require an additional power supply device.

    Practical features in the details
    • Mico Pro monitors channel currents of up to 20 A in a modular system – an innovation in modular current monitoring systems
    • Optimum label options to keep the switch cabinet layout clear and simple
    • Measuring possibilty for measuring diagnostic and status signals as well as outputs
    • Non-volatile error memory: ideal for troubleshooting after a voltage reset
    • High inrush capacities of up to 30 mF per channel, also at full load
    • Operation now also possible with 5 A power supply units
    • Minimum internal resistance, almost no power loss
    • No temperature dependence
    • Time delayed start of individual channels on multiple-channel modules to prevent current peaks

    Build Your Own Mico Pro Online

    Every Mico Pro station is unique. The intelligent current monitoring system from Murrelektronik can be fully customized to optimally meet the needs of the application. The new online configurator makes this process easy.

    Have a look on the Online Configurator: .

    Mico Pro guarantees reliable power supply. This freely configurable system monitors load and control currents consistently, and identifies critical moments just in time. It indicates maximum load and reliably switches off defective channels to prevent complete plant or machine failures and ensure maximum availability. This functionality is based on its patented tripping characteristics, which follow the principle: “as late as it’s safe, but as safe as possible.”
    Mico Pro has a modular design: each station is composed of one (or more) power modules and thin output modules allow configurations that offer the best cost-benefit ratio for the application along with optimal space utilization.

    Planning the optimal station online

    The Mico Pro online configurator makes it easy for planners to assemble the system. They can build their custom Mico Pro online with just a few clicks. Power and output modules can be added to the configuration and positioned at any location. Planners immediately receive an overview of what their custom Mico Pro unit will look like. The space required in the control cabinet, as well as the total current value required to select an optimal power supply unit, are continuously calculated and displayed. In other words, the configuration is subjected to a continuous feasibility check.

    Put it into your shopping cart in a single click

    When you’ve completed the configuration, all parameters are documented and can be downloaded as an Excel spreadsheet or PDF document. The configuration can also be sent to the shopping cart of the Murrelektronik online shop with a single click. Of course, the configuration can also be saved to be uploaded again and modified for future projects.

    Downloads: Mico Pro
    • March 2, 2018

    • Varga Elektronik

    Railway Pressure Transmitter / Switch NAR 8258


    Swiss based Trafag is a leading international supplier of high quality sensors and monitoring instruments for measurement of pressure and temperature. The pressure transmitter NAR 8258 with increased accuracy of 0.3% was specifically designed for railway vehicles (EN 50155) and has a long-term stable thin-film-on-steel sensor cell. The wide temperature range from -40°C to +125°C and the triple overpressure protection make the NAR 8258 the ideal choice for railway vehicles in rough environmental conditions.

    The new NAR 8258 pressure transmitter/switch is the successor of the well-proven NAH 8253 with railway option. In addition, the NAR 8258 includes a pressure switch option. Based on the robust, reliable and successfully introduced NAH 8254 the NAR 8258 has been designed especially for applications on railway vehicles like break systems, compressors, air conditioning, fire extinguishing systems, refrigeration and many more.
    The NAR 8258 offers an accuracy of ±0.3% and a wide operating temperature range of -40…125°C. During the production every device is individually tested with a dielectric strength of 710 VDC.

    The NAR 8258 is designed according to normative railway requirements and complies with:

    • EN 61373 Rolling stock equipment - Shock and vibration
    • EN 50155 Electronic equipment used on rolling stock
    • EN 50121-3-2 Railway applications - Electromagnetic compatibility
    • EN 45545-2 Fire protection on railway vehicles
    The NAR 8258 excels with its outstanding robustness and reliability at rough conditions like shock and vibration and is therefore the ideal choice for pressure measurement in demanding railway applications.


    The pressure transmitter NAR 8258 is available in the pressure ranges 0…6 bar to 0…600 bar. The well-established pressure connections like G1/4“,1/4“ NPT and others are available. The NAR 8258 is capable of analogue output signal of 4...20 mA or switching outputs with 1 or 2 PNP transistors capable to switch up to 400 mA in total of both switching outputs. The electrical connections M12x1, DIN Industrial are also available.

    Data sheet H72307
    Flyer H70697
    Instruction H73303
    • February 23, 2018

    • Varga Elektronik

    Membrane pushbutton head with plastic front ring - IP69k

  • Supplement to the range Rontron-R-Juwel
  • mounting diameter Ø 22.3 mm
  • easy to clean
  • degree of protection IP66/IP67/IP69k
  • hygienic approval acc. to GS-NV6 *
  • suitable for different contact blocks
  • with illumination and labelling option
  • defined tactile pressure point
  • membrane available in different colours
  • * in preparation

    • February 12, 2018

    • Varga Elektronik

    Miniature Ecolab-certified photoelectric sensor detects presence of cheese portions in high-volume food processing


    During high-volume production of individually packaged cheese portions, conveyors deliver product to packaging stations. In-line buffering stations regulate flow to match packaging throughput; miniature Ecolab-certified sensors detect the presence of each portion after buffering, triggering the packaging cycle. Sensitivity parameters for each portion size, stored on the sensor’s inbuilt memory, may be updated remotely without manual intervention, eliminating the need for unplanned sanitization between batches.

    Customer Values
  • Ecolab-certified sensors are ideal for hygienic production facilities
  • Wide operating range accommodates full range of portion sizes
  • Sensitivity parameters are retrieved or updated remotely via IO-Link
  • Unnecessary sanitization between batches is avoided
  • Simple one- or two-step teach procedure optimizes initial sensor set-up
  • Stability alarm highlights reduced sensitivity, avoiding unplanned stoppages
  • Downtime is avoided by eliminating the need for technicians to attend machines

  • Specific Product Advantages
  • Ecolab-certified photoelectric sensors with background-suppression mode
  • IO-Link serial-connection protocol enabled on PNP versions at no additional cost
  • Pre-taught sensitivity parameters stored on inbuilt sensor memory
  • Remote sensitivity retrieval or update via IO-Link
  • Robust sensors with miniature (20mm x 30mm x 10mm) plastic housings

  • Customer Application

    A Swiss manufacturer of premium dairy products produces a range of individually packaged cheese portions in a high-volume hygienic production facility. Once cut to size, cheese portions travel on a food-grade conveyor to a packaging station; the duration of the packaging cycle is dependent on the type of cheese and the portion size.
    Prior to packaging, a buffering station produces a regular flow of portions with a predetermined spacing to suit the packaging throughput. The two operations must be synchronized; the manufacturer requires a sensor system that detects the presence of each cheese portion as it leaves the buffering station, triggering the packaging cycle.
    Sensors must be food-grade certified and withstand the aggressive cleaning agents used during washdown routines. They must also accommodate the full range of portion sizes without the need for manual adjustment, as this would necessitate sanitization each time the portion size changes. Maximizing throughput is an additional priority; rapid changeover between product batches is essential.

    Customer Solution

    Ecolab-certified, diffuse-mode photoelectric sensors with background suppression from the Contrinex C23 product family are ideally suited to this application. These miniature cubic devices, mounted above product conveyors immediately after each buffering station, detect the presence of cheese portions as they pass underneath. Positioning sensors is simple thanks to a range of adjustable stainless steel mounting brackets.
    An industry-standard PNP normally open output with an M8 connector ensures optimum flexibility. Additionally, IO-Link, a standardized point-to-point serial connection protocol for sensors and actuators, is enabled on PNP versions at no additional cost, offering the advantages of digital communication without the need for special cabling. A second output provides a stability alarm in the event of reduced sensitivity, flagging the need for preventative maintenance before any performance degradation occurs.
    Robust sensor construction, featuring miniature (20mm x 30mm x 10mm) plastic housings, ensures reliable operation in the demanding washdown environment; Contrinex C23 devices are rated to IP67. An operating range between 15mm and 250mm, adjustable via a teach button or via IO-Link, accommodates the range of portion sizes without compromise.

    A brief one- or two-step teach procedure simplifies initial set-up. One-button operation allows process engineers to teach the target object and, optionally, the background, each time a new portion size is introduced. Once taught, sensitivity parameters are stored on the sensor’s inbuilt memory and may be retrieved or updated remotely via IO-Link, eliminating the need for manual adjustment.
    These rugged miniature sensors meet the customer’s need for reliable operation with little or no manual intervention, while unplanned sanitization is avoided. The solution is highly cost-effective with minimal non-productive time; throughput is maintained at or above target levels.

    • February 2, 2018

    • Varga Elektronik

    Cable pass-through with brush seal


    Brush plates & brush strips for enclosures, server racks & machines

    icotek offers cable pass-through solutions with brush seal like brush plates and brush strips that are perfectly suitable for applications where no high sealing rate is required. The icotek brush seal solutions are meant for dust and dirt-proof cable pass-through of lines with or without preassembled connectors.
    The application areas for a brush based cable pass-through are very versatile, e.g. in an electrical enclosure, a server rack, on a machine wall or on raised floors. icotek brush plates and brush strips are a cost-effective solution for a professional cable management.

    The brush seal solutions allow reduced airflow while filtering out dust and larger particulate matter. Thermal protection and visual screening are additional benefits. icotek brush plates also protect cables against wear due to sharp edges of the cut-out.

    The rectangular brush plates KEL-BES (NEW! Now also available as split version KEL-BES-S) match exactly the cut-out dimensions for 10-, 16- or 24-pin standard industrial connectors.
    For round metric cut-outs M50 icotek offers the split brush plate KEL-BES-S 50. It can be either directly snapped into the cut-out or screwed with a locknut. For cable pass-through applications in base areas of enclosures and server racks by numerous manufacturers and for wide cut-outs on machine walls icotek offers the universal brush strip KDR-BES-U . Due to the innovative clamp profile the brush strip can be clamped on any sheet metal edge with a thickness of 1.5 - 2 mm, even in a 90° angle!

    The 2-piece enclosure gland plates KDR-BES are supplied with preassembled brush grommets. The base plates are suitable for Rittal TS8 enclosures and are installed with standard Rittal clips.

    • January 22, 2018

    • Varga Elektronik

    CP10.241-60: DC/DC converter for railway applications


    The new CP10.241-60 is a reliable, EN 50155-certified and highly efficient DC/DC converter for railway applications.

    Reliable, efficient and robust:

  • Input voltage: DC 110V (-30%/+40%), 0.1s 66Vdc (-40%)
  • Efficiency: 94.5%
  • Operating temperature range: -40°C to +70°C without derating (+85°C for 10 min.)
  • 100% higher mains failure bridging time than required by railway standard EN 50155 (S2)
  • Weather-resistant: PC boards with a conformal coating and spring clamp terminals
  • Minimal noise generation: 100% convection-cooled
  • Flexible use, rapid replacement: DIN rail mounting
  • EN 50155-certified

  • EN 50155 Electronic equipment used on rolling stock classified according to T3, TX, C2 and S2
  • EN 61373 Shock and vibration tests classified according to Cat.1, Class B
  • EN 50121-3-2 EMC requirements
  • EN 45545-2 Fire protection on railway vehicle according to Hazard Level HL3
  • Learn more about the new CP10.241-60.

    • January 12, 2018

    • Varga Elektronik

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