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Quality and experience are our best indicators that we follow all current technological standards. We are constantly investing in our development by investing in our equipment and education of our employees. We represent 12 companies and offer over 100 000 products, which with our long years of experience on development and maintenance of machinery are the best guarantee that you get a reliable bussines partner with Varga Elektronik d.o.o.

  • ISO9001
  • ISO14001

Puls CP10.241-60: DC/DC converter for railway applications

The new CP10.241-60 is a reliable, EN 50155-certified and highly efficient DC/DC converter for railway applications. Reliable, efficient and robust and EN 50155-certified. Input voltage: DC 110V, 0.1s 66Vdc, Efficiency: 94.5%, Operating temperature range: -40°C to +70°C.

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MURRELEKTRONIK, Murr Emparro HD: Perfectly Engineered to Demanding Ambient Condition

Emparro HD can be used in areas where power supply units may be installed in a control cabinet, but are still exposed to harsh environmental influences, for example on spreaders, construction cranes and internal conveyor technology.

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Trafag Electronic Dual Pressure Switches with display DPx 838x

The parametrisation happens with ease and can be done very quick by NFC smartphone app and a few finger taps. The set of parameters in combination with a comprehensive set of options make the electronic pressure switches versatile devices for demanding ...

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Contrinex Magnetically or RFID-coded safety sensors

Many systems and machines require safety devices to prevent unauthorized access or intervention during operation. A simple light grid is in many cases not sufficient, for example to prevent the escape of noise, heat, dust, etc. from inside presses, robotic cells or ...

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