About Us

From its founding the company Varga Elektronik d.o.o. followed a proverb from the great inventor Th. A. Edison that success is 1% luck and 99% hard work. On that we have based our business and constant training of our employees at Varga Elektronik d.o.o.

We place great importance on the young generation, their further training and finally the full incorporation of their knowledge into company's work. With the senior staff, which possesses extensive experience in the field of industrial electronics, and the young highly educated staff we can proudly claim that Varga Elektronik d.o.o. is an ideal mix of experience and knowledge.

With such approach and conscientious and responsible work we have gained the trust of renowned companies and groups from most demanding Western European countries. Today we proudly develop, construct, build and maintain our machinery throughout Europe. Our current production is placed over 90% in foreign markets.